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March 08, 2004 Offers Free Video Sharing, an online community that allows people to upload and download videos for free, has announced its official launch., unlike any other website on the Internet, allows users to share, watch, and rate videos entirely free. completed beta testing last month and launched its website in the beginning of March 2004. In just a week since its official launch, boasts over 1,000 users and has had an average new user growth rate of over 25% per day. The video sharing website, allows members to share, watch, and rate videos online at no cost. eliminates the need to pay for videos to be 'hosted' on web servers and enables the sharing of videos that are too large to email.

On, users can upload and download videos of all genres including: automotive, commercials, humorous, independent films, movie trailers, sports, weddings, and many more. Members of are not limited to five minute long videos. Every user gets a free account, including 5 gigabytes of storage, allowing them to upload numerous videos of differing lengths and genres. A thumbnail is automatically created for each video uploaded onto, which gives users a glimpse at the content of each video. is also equipped with a search feature, which allows users to search for particular videos based upon keywords that may have been used to describe the video when it was uploaded. Once a user uploads a video onto or finds a video they want to share with a friend, the user can email a link to where the video can be downloaded, eliminating the hassles of emailing large files.

In order to download and watch videos on, users need to have a BitTorrent (a distributed file sharing protocol) client installed on their computer. recommends a BitTorrent client, which does not include any type of spygear, available for download on its website.

"What sets us apart from other file sharing services is that we have engineered a highly efficient way of distributing pieces of the file to interested clients," said Benjamin Yee, Head Software Engineer for "This means that you no longer have to worry about being stuck with portions of a video that didn't download; a situation that occurs often with other file sharing services. In simple terms, its faster and less frustrating to download videos," explains Yee.

The experience is interactive. Users have the ability to rate all the videos they watch with a star rating. The star rating system, ranging from one to five stars, indicates which videos are the most popular and determines which videos make the top ten list. To receive a high ranking, users need to upload videos that many people will want to download, watch, and rate highly. Videos that receive little interest or few downloads will be deleted; only maintains copies of the most popular videos. Users that make the top ten videos list capture their proverbial five minutes of fame.

Those interested in acquiring more information or opening a free account can do so by visiting Open an account today and begin to share, watch, and rate videos for free.

About is an online community that allows people to upload and download videos for free. is the first and only website of its kind on the Internet that provides free hosting of videos. users share, watch, and rate videos for free. Check out to find out more information about