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Username Password Sign Up News - July 29, 2004 Gives “Kee-Yup 6” Two Thumbs Up, an online community that allows people to upload and download videos for free, selects “Kee-Yup 6,” an amateur martial arts demo video, as its Feature Video of the Month.

Unlike any other website on the Internet, allows users to share, watch, and rate videos entirely free. All users get a free account, including 5 gigabytes of storage. Since its launch, just five months ago, boasts over 10,000 registered users and has an average new registered user growth rate of over 10% per week.

"Kee-Yup 6," from “Vlad’s Album,” is an amateur demo video showcasing the talent of numerous individuals. It includes five fight sequences, tournament recaps, board breaking, and trick busting. The demo video was a six month long VJ Films production. VJ Films, a Southern California based independent film group, produces commercials, music videos, short films, and Hong Kong style fights. More VJ Films Productions are showcased in “Vlad’s Album” at

“'Kee-Yup 6' was made with the intention of showing the public that VJ Films is a diverse group guys that love making Hong Kong style fights. I decided to post it and other works on because it's user friendly and it let's me share VJ Films's vision with other people, “said Vladislav Rimburg, co-founder of VJ Films and director of “Kee-Yup 6.”

Along with “Kee-Yup 6,” over 2,000 videos in 66 categories, including automotive, anime, commercials, humorous, documentaries, movie trailers, and sports, can be found on Videos on range from children’s dance recitals, short films, and 2004 Presidential campaign commercials. A thumbnail is created for each video uploaded to to give users a glimpse at the content. is also equipped with a search feature, the ability to leave comments, and a five star rating system, which indicates the most popular videos and determines which videos make the top ten list. Users that make the top ten videos list capture their “five minutes of fame.”

To download and watch “Kee-Yup 6” and other videos on, users need a BitTorrent (a distributed file sharing protocol) client installed on their computer. recommends a BitTorrent client that does not include any type of spyware and is available for download on its website. To download and view “Kee-Yup 6,” go to

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About is an online community that allows people to upload and download videos for free. is the first and only website of its kind on the Internet that provides free hosting of videos. users share, watch, and rate videos for free. For more information, check out

About VJ Films

VJ Films, based out of Southern California, is an independent film group that produces commercials, music videos, short films, and Hong Kong style fights. VJ Films was founded in 2002, by Vladislav Rimburg and Gerard Villverde, currently in the Air Force. Today's most active VJ Films members are Vladislav Rimburg and Jon Low. Other members include, Joe Armenta, Ed Armenta, Mike Kim, and Peter Kim. Some members would love to go into the film industry, but in the mean time, they strive to film anything with anyone and get better with each shoot.