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  • I still can't figure it out, can you help me?
  • I love, where can I send feedback and suggestions?
  • Where do I report copyright issues?

    What is is an online community where you can share, watch, and rate videos.

    How do I join
    Click on the register button. There you will enter in some information about yourself, including an active email address and password. will then email you a link to confirm your membership. As soon as you click on that link, your account will be ready to upload and download videos.

    Does it cost anything?
    No. Membership is free and you can upload and download as many videos as you'd like.

    What about my privacy?
    We do NOT collect, track, nor distribute your IP address, email address, or any other personally identifying information. We require an active email address when you join so that we can verify your identity and contact you regarding your account.

    How do I upload a video?
    First, you must register for a free account on Once you complete the registration process and you login to the site, you will notice a link in the upper right-hand corner of your browser, 'Upload Video.' Click on the upload link and a new window will prompt you to select and enter information about the video that you wish to upload. Click the 'Upload Video' button and wait for the file to be uploaded to our servers. Please be patient since uploading large video files can take long periods of time depending on the speed of your internet connection. If you do not have a pop-up blocker enabled, a progress window will pop up to keep you abreast of your upload. When your upload is finished, the progress window will automatically close, and the original upload window will say 'File Uploaded'. To close this window, click on the 'Close' button.

    What kind of videos can I upload to
    You can upload just about any video you want, they can even be longer than 5 minutes each. You obviously shouldn't upload trademarked materials, and once notified, will remove such vidoes from the site. We support the following video codecs:
    Supported Codec Comments
    MPEG1 video
    MPEG2 video
    MPEG4 Also known as DIVX4/5
    MSMPEG4 V1
    MSMPEG4 V2
    MSMPEG4 V3 Also known as DIVX3
    WMV8 Not completely working
    H263(+) Also known as Real Video 1.0
    Lossless MJPEG
    Apple MJPEG-B
    Sunplus MJPEG fourcc: SP5X
    Huff YUV
    FFmpeg Video 1 Lossless codec (fourcc: FFV1)
    Asus v1 fourcc: ASV1
    Asus v2 fourcc: ASV2
    Creative YUV fourcc: CYUV
    Sorenson Video 1 fourcc: SVQ1
    Sorenson Video 3 fourcc: SVQ3
    On2 VP3 still experimental
    Theora still experimental
    Intel Indeo 3 only works on i386 right now
    FLV Flash H263 variant
    ATI VCR1 fourcc: VCR1
    ATI VCR2 fourcc: VCR2
    Cirrus Logic AccuPak fourcc: CLJR
    4X Video used in certain computer games
    Sony Playstation MDEC
    Id RoQ used in Quake III, Jedi Knight 2, other computer games
    Xan/WC3 used in Wing Commander III .MVE files
    Interplay Video used in Interplay .MVE files
    Apple Graphics fourcc: 'smc '
    Apple Video fourcc: rpza
    Microsoft RLE
    Microsoft Video-1
    Westwood VQA
    Id Cinematic Video used in Quake II
    Planar RGB fourcc: 8BPS
    FLIC video
    Duck TrueMotion v1 fourcc: DUCK
    VMD Video used in Sierra VMD files
    MSZH Part of LCL
    ZLIB Part of LCL, encoder experimental

    I uploaded a video, and I don't see it anymore; where did it go? reserves the right to remove any videos that: it finds offense, violates any copyrights or trademarks, fails to have many downloads, or ranks poorly.

    Can I archive my videos to is not a place to archive your videos. only maintains copies of the most popular videos. After you have uploaded your video, if no one is interested in it, and your video receives few downloads, your video will be deleted.

    Are you essentially 'hosting' my video? And for free?
    Yes. If you have videos that you want people to see, you don't need a web hosting account with tons of allocated traffic. Simply upload it to, and give your friends the link.

    How many videos can I upload to
    That depends on the length of your videos and their resolution. Each membership account is limited to 5GB of disk space. If your videos averaged 50MB each, you could potentially have 100 videos in your account at any time. From time to time, will evaulate the use of, and may increase the amount of disk space associated with each member.

    How do I download a video?
    Find a video that you want to download and click on the 'Download Now' link and save it to your computer. That's it!

    There are so many videos, how do I find videos that I want to watch?
    Use the search button. When a member uploads a video, they can enter in information about the video. For example, if you wanted to watch a video about Audis, you can search for the term 'Audi.' The screen will now display the results of your search, and list all of the videos that have the word 'Audi' in the title, description, or keywords.

    How do I rate a video?
    First, you need to be logged in as a member of Register for a free account if you haven't done so already. Simply navigate to a video that you wish to rate and click on one of the six star ratings.

    What can I do to get a better rating?
    Tell all of your friends to download your video, and rate it highly.

    What is RSS and how can I read the RSS Feed?
    RSS is a dialect of XML used for syndicating content. To subcribe to the RSS Feed, you can download an RSS reader like Sharp Reader or try using My Yahoo!'s new RSS content panel by click the "Add To My Yahoo!" Icon on the home page.

    I downloaded a video, why won't it play?
    You probably don't have the correct media player to play the video. Below are the most common ones. You should also make sure that you have the latest version of each player.

    • Download Quicktime Player here - Plays .MOV files.
    • Download Windows Media Player - Plays almost every video format except those specifically for Real Media or Apple Quicktime.
    • Download Real Media Player - Plays .RM and .RAM files.
    • Download the Zoom Player here - A flexible, feature rich Media Player, remains bloat-free despite all its features and goodness. And, Zoom Player Professional, which on top of being a great Media Player, incorporates the most powerful DVD Front-End you could imagine.

    The video is "playing" and I hear the audio, but where is the video?
    You are probably missing a codec, which is an audio/video decoder. You can download the two most common missing codecs here.

    The video is "playing" and I see the video, but where is the audio?
    You are probably missing a codec, which is an audio/video decoder. You can download the two most common missing codecs here.
    Download the DivX codec here. Download the XviD codec here.

    I still can't figure it out, can you help me?
    Please send email to support(at)

    I love, where can I send feedback and suggestions?
    Please send email to feedback(at)

    Where do I report copyright issues?
    Please send email to copyright(at)

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